Pool Cleaners

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


This infographic titled “ 10 Most Effective Tips for Pool Cleaning” aims to guide target audience as to how they can clean their swimming pools effectively. Since people find cleaning pools as a tedious task, these tips will help them clean pools easily without any hassles.
 Spring is the best time for pool cleaning because the weather is pleasant.
1. What? Debris removal from the pool
How? Use brushing technique and flushing water over the surface.
2. What? Surrounding pool cleaning procedure
How? A concoction of chlorine and water works best in cleaning the stone surfaces. The solution should be brushed effectively over the surface and then allowed to soak for a few minutes.

 3. What? Cleaning the pool walls
How? Brush the surface with an appropriate pool brush.
4. What? Pump and filter inspection
How? A choked filter is not effective; Replace the filter once in every three years.
5. What? Tile band cleaning
How? The tile band should be cleaned with the correct tile cleaning product.
6. What? Surface water cleaning with a leaf net
How? The net is helpful in removing dead leaves and small debris from the water.
7. What? Vacuum Pool cleaning
How? The pool hose has to be filled with pool water with the skimmer still attached to the basket. The vacuuming point is then connected to begin vacuum cleaning the pool.
8. What? Adding chlorine to the pool water
How? To ensure hygienic pool water chlorine must be added to the water. A chlorine solution dissolved in water helps to eliminate any remaining bacteria, microbes and algae from the pool water.
9. What? The PH balance
How? Maintain the exact pH balance throughout the water, which is between 7.2 to 7.6.

10.  What? 24 hour gap and then a re-test schedule

How? It’s important to keep on the right balance of the pool water throughout the months to come.


  1. Water filter inspection is a very important step to take when it comes to having a clean pool. I neglected my filter last year and ended up with murky, green water. It was really gross and a pain to deal with. I know better for next year now. http://www.aquawash-sandblasting.com


  2. One of the hardest things I have faced while maintaining my pool is the pH balance! I don't know if it is where I live or where the pool is built, but it always seems to be off! I think in my case the best tip is to hire a professional to come take a look at it. The rest of your tips are right on though! Thanks for taking the time to share this infograp
    h. http://www.brightandclearpools.com

  3. Those auto cleaner things are so cool! I have seen one working a few times at the pool right next to where I used to work. It's crazy that things like this exist!

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